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Who we are

The Green Goal is a project born from the Italian Giulia Fontebasso De Martino, with the aim of promoting the sustainable development of activities related to the world of tourism.

The implementation of guidelines considered fundamental for building a solid foundation, have characterized the path to the success of client companies so as to become their strong point.

In the course of its development The Green Goal has introduced innovative concepts to support hospitality structures in conceiving environmental protection not as a constraint, but as a resource from which to derive excellent competitive advantages.

The services are offered mainly remotely through video-conferences with the central offices, being ourselves – first of all – the promoters of tele-work. If necessary and at the request of the client, on-site accompaniment courses are planned to facilitate interaction with the company management bodies and staff.

The performances are immediate, oriented to problems solving and available throughout the international territory.

Our target audience consists of the following categories:

  • Hotel chains
  • Hotels, Agritourism, B&B, Resort, diffused Hotels
  • Camping