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Sustainability & Compliance

The new economic policy has long since set itself the goal of re-launching the tourism industry. The objectives identified to be achieved have been to develop valid guidelines to monitor the quality and effectiveness of actions over the long term.

An activity capable of sustaining itself over time is a sustainable activity; objective achievable taking into consideration all its aspects: environmental, economic and social. Sustainability and legislative compliance are two sides of the same coin and the coin is the symbol of value and the achievement of a winning goal.

Tourism is a sector transversal to the economic, political and social activities of a nation. It is essential to generate a common awareness of its impact on many territorial working sectors (transport, construction, commerce, education, technology, finance, culture) as well as on numerous sectors that make holiday products or other related services.

The hospitality sector, thanks to its ability to enhance all the resources of the company and the surrounding territory, is the reason for our offer, aimed at generating awareness and support for all those who are determined to take the path of virtuosity, solidity, certainty and economy.