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Hotel with a view to enjoy the beauty of the landscape since the morning: this is the most requested requirement to direct the choice of the ideal stay for your vacation.

A customer’s willingness to pay is not infinite, but there are some features that guests cannot resist: one of these is the room with a view!

“- Last room with a view available but at a 40% surcharge, do you want it?

 –  Sure! I’m going to enjoy the breathtaking view for the whole holiday! “

Sea views, ocean views, views of the nature reserve, views of the waterfalls, views of the city center or views of snow-capped mountains; the combinations are endless and once you have identified the best room in your hotel, all you have to do is start the promotion with photos and information from your corner of paradise.

If your hotel also falls into one of these categories, our team’s suggestion is to turn it into your strength. Invite customers to leave reviews, take professional photos from the best angle and publish them on the site and both on social media Instagram and Facebook: generate curiosity.

Obviously a beautiful view will have to be accompanied by excellent service, customer care and last but not least, respect for the environment and for the landscape that offers that breathtaking view.

It will be yours, therefore, the arduous task of generating awareness to all guests who will be staying in your establishment:

“Dear customer, we thank you for choosing our hotel. We are pleased to inform you that our hotel offers a service totally in harmony with the environment. Your stay will contribute positively to the sustainable growth of our territory”.

Rewarding and valuing the positive actions are the first steps towards the social change and sometimes an incorrect attitude.

So invite guests to appreciate the magnificent view offered by the hotel and help them stay so beautiful over time.

” – Room with a view?

– Yes, thank you, it’s fantastic what you do for future generations to enjoy this panorama! “

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