The bike hotel is the new trend of 2019: everyone talks about it, everyone gets information and more and more tourists are booking them.

Nowadays the protection of the environment and the care of one’s body have become the cornerstones of mankind not only in everyday life, but also in leisure time.

The famous scientist Albert Einstein said “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep balance you must keep moving”. Therefore, nothing is better than a nice bike ride to balance physical fitness and love for the environment.

The offer of outdoor sports activities, in addition to the hospitality service, provides that added value to your accommodation that captures the attention of guests belonging to a limited target and that you surely wouldn’t want to miss!

What are benefits and advantages to be highlighted that derive from this sport if its frequency were increased? Reductions in carbon dioxide emissions in the air, reductions in portions of land predestined for the construction of car parks, reduction of energy consumption, improvement of health and wellness conditions, reduction of stress, increase in social relations, reduction of costs of transport, revitalization of the territory and improvement of air quality.

A hotel, an agritourism, a b&b, a vacation home, you can all make a difference to achieve common well-being: yours and those around you. Well, just bicycles usage is needed!

You can be a bike friendly hotel in two ways: turning cycling into a real activity connected to accommodation or offering it as a complementary service like others.

In the first case you will have to have a large space equipped with safety devices and dedicated to the parking of guests’ bicycles, which even on vacation will be willing to separate from their “life partner”; you will also have to provide them with maps of the walkable paths that will start right from your hotel. Don’t forget to enter into an ad-hoc agreement with the most well-stocked retailer in your area that includes rental and assistance service to be ready for any type of inconvenience.

In the second case you will have to include in your management plan the purchase of a certain number of bicycles (non-professional) that will vary depending on the size of your organization and will therefore be proportionate to the number of beds you have. Here too, a guide to the practicable paths cannot be missed.

Small attentions are enough to increase customer satisfaction and, in both cases, just know that your accommodation will earn points and will get positive reviews from your guests. What are you waiting for?

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