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There are almost 30 brands, more than 6,900 properties and the presence in 130 Countries. Who are we talking about? The Marriott hotel chain, whose corporate policy is focused on green matters, is going far beyond the drafting of the classic sustainability report and it promotes concrete actions to defend our planet.

The company was founded in 1927 by J. Willard and Alice Marriott. Due the current global dimension, Marriott International today is committed to be part of the solution to the economic, environmental and social problems that affect the entire global population.

The first significant actions began in 2008, when the company invested $ 2 million to contribute to the conservation of 1,400,000 hectares of rainforest in the Juma Reserve, in the Amazon. In 2010 the “Nobility of Nature” initiative was launched, a concrete commitment to help the preservation of the source of water, in south-western China, which provides drinking water in Asia to 2 billion people. The program helps the rural communities of the area to keep “sustainable” activities such as agriculture and the production of local products, which contribute to reduce erosion and sedimentation downstream of the water resource, ensuring their survival.

But the activism of Marriott does not stop here: all the properties are subject to a sustainable management policy that guarantees the minimization of environmental impacts caused by hotel facilities. In this respect, the company has published the “2025 Sustainability & Social Impact Goals *”: the document includes all the goals to be achieved by 2025 internationally. The macro areas affected by the improvements are: Corporate Social Responsibility with the contribution of volunteer services for 15 million hours; the emancipation of young people, women and people with disabilities through an investment of 5 million dollars for the development of partnerships; the promotion of sustainable management with the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and compliance with the environmental standards of the LEED certification for 100% of the structures; the defense of human rights for 100% of the associates with an investment of 500,000 dollars.

These are very ambitious but well-defined goals that are based on a strategic action plan constantly monitored to reach the target.

The Marriott has decided to reduce its carbon footprint by putting into practice a series of concrete actions that not only address its own structures, but aim to involve their partners, the production chain and even the customers themselves. The company is aware that the millions of tons of CO2 generated by its own into the atmosphere each year represent a very high environmental and social cost. Despite this, the company didn’t want to hide these numbers, preferring a policy based on transparency and concrete actions. In this way, Marriott has turned its weaknesses into strengths, making the difference worldwide and thus winning the leadership of sustainability representative.


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