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Marriott, Hilton, NH Hotel: these are just three of the many names belonging to the hotel giants, famous all over the world, that have changed the management and coordination of hospitality services at an international level. The global sustainability goals to be achieved by 2030 have become the priority on which to base the hotel management.

Networking, collaborating and developing global partnerships are choices that are increasingly accentuated in current companies. This new way of conceiving entrepreneurial activity was generated in the first place by greater awareness and focused the light on the inequalities present in the world, making sure that someone worked to defeat them. The common good belongs to everyone and it is right that everyone has the right and access to it in equal measure.

Small, medium and large: there are many sustainable tourism hotel chains who believe that the hotel industry can be a driving force for achieving the common goals of sustainability promoted by the United Nations.

The commitment shown in carrying out this challenge has been and will still be very hard to face for these companies, which have faced considerable resistance during their journey. Years later, since the start of the change, many companies have already obtained their first awards, and are proud to have been the first to reach targets unthinkable a few years ago.

It is thanks to them if today the hospitality sector is changing its direction generating new market balances and favoring access to small entrepreneurs who manage green businesses and more niche activities.

Tourism is a sector that involves the economic, political and social activities of a nation. It is essential to generate a common awareness of its impact on many territorial labor sectors such as transport, construction, commerce, education and technology.

In this context, environmental certifications have played a significant role, which have brought added value through the strengthening of skills and transversal services deriving from sustainable management.

The market has changed, the way of working and doing business has changed. Everything evolves exponentially and if you do not adapt to new systems and new times, you risk being overtaken by competition. The needs are no longer those of the past, and now the accent must be placed no longer on the “I” as a company, but on the “We” as a part of world being one, where harmony must be achieved in the full totality.

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