We hear more and more about sustainable tourism and green structures for eco-friendly customers. Contact with nature, awareness of environmental impacts and reduction of waste, have now become the filters for finding the perfect accommodation for the holidays. Therefore, many facilities have adapted to high quality standards – as required by the market – by modifying the management model and containing negative effects on the environment.

If you want to know how sustainable your hotel is, answer these 10 questions and you will know how your establishment takes its place on the market: GREEN, GO GREEN or NO GREEN.


  • Do you manage your hotel taking care of the environment?
  • Are the staff aware of your environmental policy?
  • Does the separate waste collection work properly?
  • Does your restaurant area equipped with wines/typical local food?
  • Do you use eco-friendly products for the hotel cleaning?
  • Does the energy system well-functioning and made of LED lighting?
  • Is there a double flash in the rooms and bathrooms of the common areas?
  • Are towels /bed linens washed daily?
  • Are outdoor activities promoted to guests?
  • Is your website reported on the route to reach your hotel by public transport?


Answers from 1 to 3 YES


Managing a hotel is not easy, let alone be a green hotel! In reality, the environmental certification path that accompanies a hotel to be identified as Green, helps the structure – through the adoption of a series of procedures – to be in line with the new market demands and customer needs.

Currently, more than half of the world’s facilities that offer hospitality services have a low environmental impact; the percentage is getting up for the virtuous countries. The future scenario will certainly follow this trend, also considering the political agreements of the world organizations towards sustainability parameters. To guarantee your position as market leader, evaluate a different strategic management approach and try to feel the environment as an opportunity and not as a constraint.

The support of an external consultant will guide you to ensure a profitable and long-lasting business. Others have already succeeded, what are you waiting for?


Answers from 4 to 6 YES


You’re on the right track to be a green hotel. You are aware that sustainability is an opportunity not to be missed for your business to become the leader of the hospitality industry and increase the satisfaction of your customers. Sustainable tourism is the sector of tourism excellence: hotels that meet specific environmental criteria are identified as virtuous examples to follow and more requested by guests.

The direction you have chosen is right, but something is still missing to achieve the goal you have set. The path of environmental certification is governed by specific procedures that guarantee to get the final destination. When we think of reducing the impact of a service, we must think of a management model that is complete, trying not to neglect any activity that is carried out in our hotel. In your case, a good professional guide will show you the areas of improvement where to intervene and find out possible solutions.

The finish line is close, only few small steps are missing!


Answers from 7 to 10 YES


Congratulations! Yours is a GREEN establishment! You are managing your hotel trying not only to pay attention to the customer satisfaction, but also taking care of the environmental protection. You are aware of the negative externalities that derive from the hospitality sector and you are proud of your positive impact on the community and your sustainable management model. Your guests prefer to stay in your hotel for this!

If you are not already a certified hotel, consider joining an international eco-label to increase your credibility and visibility abroad; do not impose to yourself nonexistent obstacles. In the digital era – remember – communication and transparency are fundamental business characteristics to grow and establish themselves on the market. Don’t give up if you almost there!

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