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The internal air quality is an essential requirement for the achievement of the well-being condition of those who live inside a building. However, we don’t often think about air quality as a factor to consider in running a hotel.

How to let people understand if the air quality index is positive or negative? Only when the person inside the structure expresses satisfaction or the presence of pollutants in harmful concentrations does not result from specific analyzes. In those cases, we can say that air quality can be considered acceptable.

According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), Americans spend nearly 90% of their lives indoors. As such, the quality of the indoor environment directly impacts the health of the building’s occupants and is a critical component of a sustainable built environment.

In work environment green building can enhance human productivity, decrease absenteeism, increase building value and reduce owner liability.

In the working environment, green building can in fact improve human productivity, reduce absenteeism, increase the value of the building and reduce the owner’s responsibility in any problems.

The sources of indoor pollution can be divided into four categories:

  • External sources (for example dust, mold and pollen)
  • Activities and products related to the inhabitants (for example, smoke, cleaning and personal care products)
  • Building materials and furniture
  • Poor maintenance of ventilation systems (HVAC System)

When managing a business activity, the attention must certainly be focused on customer satisfaction, but the protection of the work force who carry out their activities within the establisment must be considered not less important. Hotel staffers spend over half the working day into the building and the landlord must take care of them. An unsatisfied or not safeguarded employee who sends out a negative image of the work environment is equal to receive a bad review by client.

The rules provide that normally a person needs an air change of about 30-32 square meter per hour or 0.3 volumes per hour.

The replacement can take place for:

  • natural infiltrations
  • manual ventilation ie opening the windows
  • mechanical ventilation with efficient recuperator

The regular air exchange allows to reduce, in addition to the concentration of CO2 and humidity, the concentration of pollutants from internal sources present in the air, which generally can be of biological or physical origin, linked to the presence of people or their particular activities (such as cigarette smoking), or due to the presence of finishes or furnishing accessories with specific materials.

Therefore, when managing an excellent hospitality service, do not forget to enter the air quality parameter. Healthy air in healthy hotel.

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