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Smart solutions for more and more green hotels. This is the current scenario of the leisure industry around the world. Stays in a cutting-edge hotel conquers the peak of the most linked establishments by increasingly demanding customers, who are looking for comfort and high quality standards.

Are you a hotel manager? Do you know what the hotel domotics is? Well, if you’re aiming for high profit and fantastic reviews, from now on, your hotel will not be able to exist without the term INNOVATION.

The hotel domotics deals with the study and application of technologies aimed at optimizing the quality of life inside buildings, making them smarter thanks to special home automation systems: Domotic Systems.

Even though the term was unknown to most, today the domotics hotel has captured the attention of the avant-garde tourists. Now more and more people are looking for comfort and high performance of the services offered.

Being a hotel with domotic system means saving time and resources. In addition to the achieved comfort of the guests and the help for the building management, the monitoring scheme of reception, rooms and staff area, it allows you to know – in real time – what is happening inside your hotel. And, of course, the readiness to intervene to reduce inefficiency is essential to ensure the customer satisfaction.

Smart hotels that take advantage of the domotic concept, also allow you to always keep under control and optimize the management of energy consumption. This means having a more satisfied customer, a more efficient hotel and lower management costs. Management cost-cutting will allow you to save money for utilities, a nightmare for many directors: energy, water, gas.

Some of the most used solutions in hotels are:

  • Electronic key for room access isolating the passage of electricity in the absence of people
  • Motion sensors in corridors and bathrooms in common areas
  • Automated on/off system when windows are opened in the rooms
  • Faucets with sensors

Thanks to the hotel domotics system, in short, you can easily and efficiently manage energy savings up to 30% on cooling, 20% on heating and 15% on electricity. At the same time, you ensure safety and maximum comfort in the rooms and in the common areas. The investments of a technological plant are usually amortized by the hotel owner in a very short time. The system will project the hotel into the future with a higher profit margin for those managing it.

Do not forget to keep up with the increasingly fierce competitors on the market: those who have time do not waste time.

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