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Beaches free from plastic? It’s up to us!

In recent years there has been a long debate about the problem of plastic waste on beaches and in the waters of the seas and oceans.

Nowadays there are as many as 5 “plastic islands” made up of many small particles accumulated in the world’s oceans. According to an OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) study, only 15% of the plastics that are used worldwide are collected and recycled with the regular procedure; 1,000 years are used for non-recyclable plastic to degrade.

If this step is taken, it is expected that in 2050 there will be more plastic than fishes in the oceans.

But are we ready to say goodbye to enchanted places, crystal clear waters, coral reefs and clean white sand beaches? If the answer is a good resonant NO, it’s time for all of us to roll up our sleeves and start contributing to ensure that all this does not happen.

There are those who maintain that man has now become a hostage of plastic that invades and poisons the waters of the oceans and then becomes part of the food chain.

Unfortunately, analyzing the problem more closely, it emerges that it is not only a question of ecology, but also an economic factor: by changing the materials used, we would save as many as 22 billion in 15 years.

Given these potential benefits, the legislation has required that by 2025 all EU countries will have to collect 90% of disposable plastic beverage bottles.

All companies will therefore be obliged to revisit their plastics management plan deriving from their activity in order to reduce their use to a minimum.

How can a hotel contribute to all this?

  • Eliminate disposable kits of body cleansing products
  • Eliminate disposable jams in the restaurant
  • Eliminate plastic bottles by adopting the policy of reusing glass bottles
  • Remove plastic dishes, glasses and straws
  • Inform the client about good daily practices with informative material