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–  Hotel towel dilemma: replace or reuse?  –  Debate: should you reuse your hotel towel?  –  Do you expect linens changed daily?

Many hotels that have implemented an environmentally friendly management system, are adopting a set of procedures to reduce their negative impact on the planet.

A nerve has been touched about that. Hoteliers argue that it is not easy to generate awareness of the client, even if the message we want to convey is just that.

According to an analysis of customer reviews left on Tripavisor ( ) – one of the most renowned websites in the tourism sector – it emerged that the modern customer has become very sensitive to the issue of “waste of resources”. The change, therefore, has already happened and the service offer can only be adapted to the full satisfaction of the demand, especially if we think about the consequent benefit on the environment.

To make you touch the tangibility of our study with numbers, we give you a small concrete example. A customer’s demand for a hotel was analysed at the moment before booking: Does Housekeeping clean everyday, or do you have to request them to? This request received more than 11,400 views in less than a year. The structure in question had already adopted an environmental policy for the washing of linen and with its response of transparency has won over not only the customer concerned, but has made many others own, becoming a model of virtuosity and collecting positive reviews on the topic.

Summarizing, through an efficient resource service, the hotel has lowered management costs, increased customers, improved its image, contributed to the reduction of externalities on the environment, achieved a better positioning on the market.