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The tourism industry has its impacts on a significant amount of people each day. It’s one of the most important worldwide industry and many countries have already cashed in on its potential.

Tourism, being a main source of income and employement in many countries highly depends on environmental resources.

Among the various components of tourism, the hotel sector is a kind of business of which activities constitute a threat to the environment due to its high consumption in energy, water and non-durable goods.

The hotel industry, which is key of tourism business may not be the only one that creates substantial environmental pollution and consumes large amount of global resources. Because of its primary purposes of providing comfortable services/supplies (hot water, food and drinks, linens and towels, lighting, air conditioning, swimming pools) hotels clearly consume huge amounts of water, energy, non-recyclable waste, goods and natural resources, thus directly or indirectly externalities that harm the environment.

Let’s see what the most common eco-friendly win-win hotel initiatives are:

  • Hotel policy – Keen to Be Green
  • Explore with the Guest Walking Maps
  • Green Policy for the Guest

It is very important shed the light on the hotel policy because the environmental management system is the main step to build a strong structure. A series of initiatives oriented to the environment and toward the surrounding community development as well, are necessary in order to guarantee the long lasting sustainability of the property.

Practical examples that hotels may find useful are totally focused on reducing the establishment’s performances. At the head of the line we suggest to update the official website with the green travel information; getting involved in local community projects; sharing green goals to fulfill by the current year such as reducing the waste and energy consumption by 10% by looking at energy saving devices and the ongoing best practices; using more organic, zero km and seasonal food; donating bathroom products to local homeless charities; improving the recycle management of the waste ensure to have the properly bins per each room (3 different categories at least); making sure that ecolabelled cleaning products being used by the housekeeping staff.

No less importantly, it must be made clear that the trasportation sector has a big impact on the environment This is why involving the guest to take public transit to sightsee should actually have priority.

Last but not least, is the information shared with the guest about the best practices to follow in order to help to make a difference on an environmental level. At the top of the list here you can find some tips that are strongly recommended to be asked at the check-in process or by flyers shown in the room:

  • Turn off lights/TV when leaving the room
  • Limit the use of HVAC system and turn it off when a door is open
  • Turn off tap
  • Respect towel and linen hotel policy (cleaning service twice per week)
  • Separate waste collection

The Green Goal professionals suggest to use these best green practices at the hotel with the hope in figuring out how to bridge the human-nature gap and let the property’s owner understand how to save cost as well.