How to let your voice be heard if you are pressed against the corner? Since there is a difference between being stuck and choosing to stay, you have an option.

Study, learn, being curious, and show who you are.

Different topics, different sectors, different countries, but one world and one key word: SUSTAINABILITY.

As a professional Environmental Consultant I got the opportunity to support companies into their organization construction, change of mindset and process improvement. I have been working on energy-saving and resource-efficient plans implementing and developing environmental management system. I have been actively promoting the sustainable behaviour of small and medium sized enterprises whose financial results and core business could really take advantage of their green initiatives. Moreover certified companies could be facilitated achieving funds related to EU support programmes.

Sustainability growth is equal to say “profitable business” that means doing right things the first time, with the support of prevention and controls, that drive operations to be safe. The final result will be: healthy people, env friendly behavior and rich companies.

The three E’s ( Economics, Ecology, Social Equity) is the driving force of the Sustainability growth: Economic Growth, Environmental Stewardship and Social Progress.

Giulia Fontebasso De Martino