Welcome on board “THE GREEN GOAL”

How to let your voice be heard if you are pressed against the corner?

Since there is a difference between being stuck and choosing to stay, I want to say that you have an option.

So, my suggestion is: study, learn, being curious, and show who you are.

<< Unfortunately Env friendly habits are progressing slowly in Italy, as consequence of culture and economic crisis, and I feel really strongly motivated to take new challenges now to enlarge my scope of work and grow quicker in my professional career >>.

This is what I wrote in my hundreds cover letters when I applied for Environmental vacancy position.

Since I was bored to heard “I’m sorry Giulia, but your experience is not enough for us”, I chose my option: I wanted to thrive as a Freelancer. I didn’t want to be stuck or pressed in the corner, waiting for “my lucky day”.

I decided to take on a consultant role for private companies and to mentor them to improve their environmental and health and safety choices. In my opinion, these two subjects are strictly related to each other, and there is no possible contemplate environmental issue without including health and safety ones.

I take pride in everything I do, and I always put my self first when I believe in something. To have ownership for me, is being responsible for my work’s effort and guide others as a professional. Think big is the core value of my life. I wouldn’t be trying to get this role if I didn’t think big.

It’s very clear to me, what my main goals are for now and for the future: I am interested in growing continuously without getting scared by challenges. I always deliver results. My vision and my mission are being target-oriented, and last but not least, I always strive to fulfill my job on time and at best quality.

One of the values that I still carry with me in my everyday life is to keep things simple. Keeping things simple means to be knowledgeable in what I do, in order to have a more efficient communication with others in my professional environment. Being knowledgeable is deeply understanding what I’m doing and it helps me in traslating my message in the most effective way. Simplifying things and inventing new ones start from a good communication.


Different topics, different sectors, different countries, but one world and one key word: Sustainability. This is the Green Goal for me.

I think it’s not easy to understand how sustainability is important  for now and for the future. Sustainability Growth is equal to say profitable business. The three E’s – that stand for Economics, Ecology, Social Equity – is the driving force of the Sustainability Growth: Economic Growth, Environmental Stewardship, Social Progress.

My Goal will be traslating my Green message to you.

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